Better Together.

Life can get busy and we all have our excuses. Whether it’s work, commitments to leagues, a membership that requires nightly attendance, or far too many planned extra curricular activities, our schedules always seem to get away from us. As we get older, "adulting" seems to make it impossible to find time to meet up with friends. Anytime I try to schedule drinks après work with my friends, our calendars attempt to sink but then crash from exhaustion, desperately trying to find a day when either of us is free! Since many of my evenings involve a yoga or gym session already booked, I’m left to either cancel class (already paid for) or miss a workout. My friends and family are my life but so are snacks and wine! Missing a workout isn’t necessarily ideal – nor is having to unbutton my pants at my desk...

Save yourself the back and forth of trying to find a free night, on a Tuesday, two weeks from now, between the hours of 6PM and 8PM, ...and just meet each other at the gym! Working out is always more fun when you can do it alongside a great friend.

Here is my go-to workout that will take you less than 30 minutes and leave you with enough time to grab a smoothie or coffee together afterward!

(20 Reps x 2)

LSBB (Lunge, Squat, Booty Bump)

Prep: Stand side-by-side and keep your legs shoulder-width distance apart.

Go: Lunge forward on your left, come back, lunge forward on your right, come back, squat, and booty bump!

Booty Kick.

Prep: Set up side-by-side, get on all fours with your knees placed directly under your hips.

Go: Starting on the left leg, lift it up to a 90-degree angle, and point your toes up to the sky. Pulse up 15 times, both counting out loud.

Plank Low High-Five.

Prep: Get in plank position and face one another, just shy of arms-length distance between you.

Go: Staying in plank, reach out and side high-five with your opposite hands, counting up to 15 taking turns calling out the count.

Side-Plank Stare.

Prep: Get in side-plank position, facing each other, resting on the forehand, legs stacked on top of one another, keep your hand on your hip and lift it to the sky.

Go: In high side-plank position, dip your hip down toward the ground and then raise it back up to the sky, repeating this 15 times while taking turns calling out the count. Try not to laugh!

Dbl High Five.

Prep: On your back, feet on the ground hip width distance apart (either have your feet touching or bring them in closer so that your feet are side-by-side for additional support as they press against each other).

Go: Hands floating at the side of your head, sit all the way up, double high-five, come back down and repeat this 15 times, calling out the count together. You can also choose to high-five opposite hands for a bit of a side-twist instead.

Russian Twist-off.

Prep: Sit across from one another, feet touching, lean back and bring your legs up so that the bottoms of your feet come together for support (this requires a bit of a balancing act). Keep your hands on your knees to start.

Go: Engage your core, bring your palms together, and begin to tap your fingertips down on each side (opposite to your partner). Repeat this 15 times, alternating sides and calling out the count.

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