Urban (Concrete) Jungle.

People say Toronto is a concrete jungle. And, for the most part, it’s true for downtown cores in larger Cities. Large towers block the sunlight, flowers struggle to bloom, wind tunnels form, tumbleweeds frequently roll across the intersection! Okay, okay, that’s not entirely true but towers do cast shadows and can block sunlight and also wind tunnels do naturally form as a result. Frankly, anyone that didn’t grow up in the City or lives in the suburbs etc. will generally assume that there’s little to no green space – and that’s simply just not true.

Aside from dog parks, sports fields, playgrounds etc. , there is a lot of green space popping up in between office buildings. For example, take a look at the urban plaza created at Bay Adelaide West allowing for a lovely green space filled with plants and flowers (and an awesome spot to eat your lunch). Toronto has more than 1,500 parks and 600km of trails. I think it’s fair to say our beautiful City is not lacking in greenery!

If you’re jealous of your friends trip to the West Coast, wishing you were hiking Machu Piccu in Peru, or find the Scarborough Bluffs to be a headache to get to, check out a few of our local gems. They might not be luscious rainforests or snow covered peaks, but they’ll be sure to impress you for an Urban Jungle discovery:

1. High Park: Grab lunch at the Grenadier Cafe, go for a walk, check out the Zoo, or take a stroll by Grenadier Pond. If you're a runner, the trails throughout the park can take you for a easy jog to an incline that seems to last forever!

2. Don Valley Brick Works Park: Stop for brunch at Cafe Belong - everything is local and with sustainability in mind, check out an event, browse the shops, or simply take a stroll that leads you to a beautiful view of the City.

3. David Balfour Park Trail: Grab a friend and get your run on (or walk). You'll be too distracted by the beauty you won't realize how far you've run!

4. Blythwood Ravine Park which is bordered by Alexander Muir Gardens to the west of the amazing Sherwood Park on the east: This large forested trail will have you picking your jaw up off the floor. It's a great loop for runners, an awesome trail to bring your dog (off-leash areas too), or a beautiful spot for an afternoon walk.

5. Trinity Belwood Park: Set up a picnic, grab a coffee at Nadege and go for a stroll, or run the loop and up and down the hill.

Photo Cred: Le Boyfriend.

Photos at: Evergreen Brick Works

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