Easy Smokey Eye

Although I went to Blanche MacDonald and know a lot of techniques when it comes to makeup, I tend to stick to more natural makeup over bold, beautifully blended and contoured looks. I try to keep my makeup light, playing up the features I love most, and achieving this look in the shortest amount of time possible. If I spend too much time, the perfectionist in me comes out and I could be sitting on my bathroom counter for what feels like hours just buffing out the edges. Anyone else?

That being said, I do appreciate a sultry and smoky eye. If done right, you can make your eyes appear larger, make your eye color pop, and give the illusion of time spent when in fact you’ve really spent no time at all. However, It’s a look many shy away from or fear trying. Largely because of the classic dark colors used to achieve the smoky eye. If it's not done correctly, you can easily take this look from runway to morning after makeup. Bringing the makeup from the lids to your cheeks, looking like a hot mess. But have no fear, my steps will take you to pro-worthy in no time. It’s classic, meant to enhance, and definitely going to leave you feeling a little sultry!

All you need is:

1. Cream Pencil (I used the Endless Silky Eye Pen by Pixi by Petra)

2. Dark Shadow (I used the Urban Decay Naked Pallet)

3. Nude Shadow (I used the Tartlet Tease)

4. Mascara (L'Oreal)

5. Lash Curler

6. Brushes: Crease Brush, Lid Brush, Smudge Brush (I love Firma brushes)

7. Kleenex or Eye Pads

Let’s get started:

1. Apply the nude shade to your entire lid, carrying it up into the crease and blending out – be sure to trace under the lower lash line as well, connecting back up to the outer corners of the upper lid;

2. Curl your lashes. I prefer curling my lashes at this stage. I often find my liner moves if I do it afterward but feel free to do it at the end if you wish;

3. Take your cream pencil and line the upper lash line, carrying down into the 1st quarter of your lower lash line;

4. Grab your smudge brush and lightly blend out the liner – no need to be exact just smudge, smudge, smudge. Note: when you get to the lower lash line, lightly carry the product down to the inner corner, creating an ombre if you will. You want to keep more product in the outer corners;

5. Either use under eye pads or gently place tissue below your lower lash line to prevent the darker shadow from falling onto your cheek – disaster zone;

6. Take the lid brush and your shade of choice, tap off any excess on the brush (this is important) and then slowly begin to pat the product down over top of the liner...blending back and forth;

7. A little trick, because I tend to go for black, I pick up a bit of dark brown on my smudge brush and work my way from the inner corners to about 1/2 of the way along my lash line. I like how it helps to diffuse the dark a little, making the look appear a bit softer;

8. Then, take your fluffy crease brush and soften out the edges. Trace along the upper lash line up to the crease of the lid. Then, take the smudge brush and from the outer corner of the bottom lash line blend the shadow and liner inward (lighter hand as you move toward the inner corner, softening out the intensity of the shadow); and finally,

9. Pick up your favorite mascara (I’m currently obsessing over L’Oreal’s Voluminous Lash Paradise) and work from the root of the lash, wiggling the wand upward.

Note: Once that’s done, I typically go back with the fluffy crease brush and take a bit of my bronzer to blend the look all together. Going over the lid crease and lightly going over the lid with any excess bronzer left on the brush.

There you have it, my version of an easy smoky eye! I hope you try this at home and let me know what you think! Don't let me know how awkward you thought I was ;) #Progress #WorkingOnConfidence


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