Engraved Watches: Making Moments Count with JORD.

For me, Valentine’s Day is about further expressing my deep appreciation for those I love. A holiday in which many find to be irrelevant, I choose to find opportunity in the moment and express my love for the most important person in my life. Every minute I spend in Charlie’s presence is a blessing. As each minute passes I’m reminded that each moment I share with him is building on top of the memories we’ll forever share. Whenever I look down at my JORD engraved wooden watch with the saying “Every Moment Matters”, I’m reminded of our first date. We both shared what we are looking for in a relationship and each said; someone to grow with, laugh with, and adventure with - collecting moments along the way. So, whenever we experience something new, hit the road, or find ourselves in another country, we high-five and cheers to the moments! And whether the moments are good or bad, we learn that each of those moments has and will shape us - and it’s time we wouldn’t trade for the world.

It has been said that time sometimes flies and you’ve probably experienced this as a result of your daily routine. However if you shift your perspective and consider that every moment can be timeless, you can contribute to quickly creating a succession of extraordinary memories that can fill a life time. And while my watch helps me keep track of time, prevent me from being late, it also reminds me of the love that surrounds me. So, if Valentine’s Day isn’t particularity a Holiday you celebrate, at least take a moment to share your love for someone near and dear. Don’t let time pass you by, every Moment Counts.

*** C O N T E S T A L E R T ***

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Good luck to everyone who entered and sending you all tons of love!

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