Cycle To Healthy Skin.

On average, our skin cycle is 5-6 weeks. A skin what? Yes, your skin has a cycle. It’s the process of forming new skin cells at the deepest layer of your epidermis and then finding their way to the surface of your skin, at which point, those cells have matured and eventually flake away. The cycle will, of course, vary pending your age, but in your mid to late 30’s it’s estimated for the skin cycle to be around 28 days.

Why would someone care to know this? Two reasons. First, it’s important to know this because when you consider starting a new skin regime you should note that it takes approximately 1-3 skin cycles (I like to use 3 months as my bench mark) to fully see the benefits and/or results. Your skin needs the proper time to work with the products or lifestyle adjustments to make changes to your cell’s overall health and condition. Therefore, one should be mindful and patient during the process, breakouts or not, allowing your skin to go through the motions before saying yay or nay. Second, if you’re able to stay consistent with a routine, and treat your skin kindly, you’re more likely to maintain a faster cycle and your skin will reap the benefits. Who doesn’t want youthful looking skin?

Over the last several years I've become more aware of how both my diet and stress can impact my skin, what products to use, and how important a routine can be! I've become a bit obsessive about it and want to share how I maintain a healthy glow (with the occasional hormonal blemishes) and the steps I take:

CLEANSE:Wash your face at night, always! Not washing your face allows your makeup to clog your oil glands and fair follicles, potentially causing breakouts. Take that time to wash your face, apply serum, a heavier facial cream, prep that under eye, and a bit of love for any unwanted friends. Your skin routine may take you 10 minutes to complete, but trust me...your skin will thank you. And to be honest, I love the mini spa break and the benefits I'm seeking! If you're looking for a collection rather than buying separate pieces, I'm loving Beautycounter's Countermarch Collections. (Fun fact: I apply white toothpaste to any blemishes, or, the Neutrogena Rapid Clear).

Note: I also wash my face in the morning. The only difference is that I splash cold water on my face, use a lighter hydrating facial lotion, and I press in the smallest amount of Glow Body Oil by Shelby by Naturals at the end – it helps for an easier application of my YSL Top Secret BB Cream and adds serious glow!

EXFOLIATE: I can’t stress how important it is to exfoliate. Exfoliating helps remove the dead skin cells that begin to pile up and make your skin appear dull and dry - potentially causing clogged pores, excess oil, and a higher possibility for breakouts. By exfoliating, you allow your new skin cells to work their magic, showing off a brighter, healthier, and more vibrant complexion! I use Frank Body but taking coffee grinds, coconut oil, and an essential oil (if you want) works just as great!

MASK: I alternate between masks each week (sometimes I'll exfoliate and mask in the same week). I use a clay mask when I see larger pores forming or black heads, I stick with a peel mask to help cleanse and remove the outer most layer of my skin – hello glow, and a sheet mask to add moisture or brightness back into my skin during those colder months. I alternate between Origins GinZing peel-off, Origins Charcoal, and Province Apothecary Detoxifying + Clarifying Clay Mask.

Note: I try and get a HydraFacial as the seasons change, but my schedule has been a bit hectic. If you can, book yourself in for one. Not only does this facial extract impurities and resurface the skin, but it also adds hydration. And guess what, it's all done through a non-invasive hydradermabrasion!

ROLL: I roll my skin with a jade roller every morning (I keep mine in the freezer) to increase blood flow, depuff my skin, and because I find it calming. Be sure to roll in an upward motion, not down, as you want to tighten and keep your skin where it is! You can purchase them on Amazon.

NOURISH: Drink plenty of water (and kombucha, of course), nourish your body, and let your skin do the talking! Our digestive system, our stress, it all becomes very apparent what we are lacking or have too much of based on certain breakouts on the skin. You can look up face mapping to learn more about what your body might be telling you just by analyzing where the problems are on your face. If I begin to breakout along my jaw and chin, I know hormones and stomach are in play. This happens often when I inhale chips every chance I get while I'm stressed!

At the end of the day, take care of your skin! The earlier the better. Always wash your face, pat products in, don't tug on your skin, be gentle, and show it some serious TLC. Invest in your facial products, read the labels (this is important), and find what works for you - not what's trending or someone else swears by. Everyone's skin is different, reacts differently, and requires a different routine. So, be patient and start paying attention to your skin!

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