4 Steps To Disconnect.

The idea of disconnecting from work and most communication can seem difficult, unsettling, stressful, and quite frankly, unnatural! We have become so consumed by our jobs and daily interactions that we often forget to take time out for ourselves.

Whether it's a day, the weekend, or an extended vacation, you need time off to slow things down and check in with your body, soul, and mind! You can say your job depends on your 24-7 availability, but, I know we all have the time to hit the pause button. We need to give ourselves some time to decompress, digest life, and to reassess what’s truly important.

Despite the fact that you might be sitting on a beach or surrounded by great company, you’re more than likely thinking about work. Whether it’s your team, what projects you having coming up, how much impact your lack of presence has on your business or blog (in my case), your mind is still racing and working. So, how do we disconnect? How can we ensure that the time off we take is going to help us recharge and reconnect with what’s important?

Below are my four steps on how I prepare to disconnect:

1. Plan + Prep: the stress of leaving your job can often impact how much you relax while you’re away on holiday. It’s important to clear your desk, assign roles, or prep material you can easily release with the press of a button (as a blogger/influencer, this is incredibly helpful). It’s important to remain realistic with what you can do while you’re away. Remembering others are more than capable to step in if needed, or that it can simply be done upon your return.

2. Set Intention: what do you need/want from this trip? Is your body craving a cleanse, less stress, time to decompress and bring perspective back into your life? A time to reprioritize what’s important in life…? Whatever it is that you’re searching for, set that intention and let it manifest.

3. Commit + Follow Through: be mindful of your time off, take advantage, and practice whatever intention you set for yourself daily. Whether that’s through yoga, meditation, words of affirmation, etc., you need to be present and in a space with little to no distractions. You’d be surprised how a week of no TV or social media can open your mind to new ideas and realizations.

4. Takeaway: what are you taking away, what are your new goals, and how do you intend on carrying this new feeling and outlook back into reality? I like to think about this on my flight or drive home. I think of what i’m thankful for and go through all the positives!

After returning from my trip to British Columbia, I realized how much I was able to disconnect because of the steps I took beforehand. I came back with a lighter heart, my stress put in check, and my priorities sorted. Prior to this trip, I would leave on vacations and come back even more stressed after one day back in the office.

Side Note: I was incredibly stressed before this last vacation, and I wasn’t sure how I’d balance family and my blog. I had put so much work into it before this trip that I felt leaving for a week would ruin it all. I worried about losing momentum, engagement, and even…my followers. Although my blog has become my baby, my creative outlet, and another source of income, I knew that at the end of the day my body needed a break and I needed my family. That was priority. So, this is why I needed to plan how I’d disconnect.

It’s important to enjoy your time off, but it’s also equally important to carry that care-free and positive-filled mood over from your vacation into your day-to-day when you return! Otherwise, you’re simply living for the next vacation rather than living in the moments! So, be sure to plan ahead, set an intention, commit to it, and take away from all the good you’ve done for your body, mind, and soul!

End Note: Remember, you don't have to go on vacation to disconnect. It can also be for a short period. Grab a book, go to the spa, leave your phone at home and head out for a walk, etc. Whatever opportunity you get to recharge, take it!

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