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As I write this post, my legs are on fire and my arms dead from last night’s back and arm workout. I pushed extra hard as I knew it was the final workout in the 30 Days To Fit program. Was that my last workout I’ll ever follow by Beverley Cheng? Absolutely not.

If you know me, I tend to prefer classes over programs. I’m not great at motivating myself to get to the gym and follow a workout of any kind. However, my girlfriend won access to the program through Beverley, so when she asked...I couldn’t say no. After agreeing to join, the hype around the program grew quickly. A Facebook support group was created and everyone was excited after Beverley announced she’d be doing the program alongside us!

So, May 2nd I started the program. I was in Fernie, British Columbia, visiting my nephew and used laundry detergent as weights (there may have also been a mattress box, stick, camping chair etc. in there too). I was determined to not let a vacation get in my way. I was sore after the first few workouts and it was the kind of sore that gives you this incredible high. Your endorphins are on another level. And that feeling, the determination and desire to keep going, that stays the entire way through!

A busy schedule and 3-4 boxing classes per week, missing a handful of classes, I stuck to it and completed the program..sweating. That final workout was beyond exhausting. But the funny part is, I walked into the gym after another couple was already mid-way through their workout and left before they finished. These workouts aren't an hour, they're just the right amount of time to put your mind and body to work.

So, now that it’s over…what did I think about the program? Rather than going off on tangents (as I do when I’m excited), I’m going to breakdown the 30 Days To Fit program in Q&A format. If you’re interested in learning more about the program, read on:

Q1: How much does it cost and what do you get?

A1: The program is only $99.00. You get a video for each workout (22 workouts with voice-overs), warm up and cool down routines, 4 meal prep recipes, Facebook support group, worksheet, and a new fit fam!

Q2: What is the level of difficulty?

A2: It’s all relative. I’m in fairly good shape and found the work outs moderately difficult to difficult. Why? I followed Beverly’s recommendations for reps and weights, and I would often try modifications to make things more difficult if I found them too easy.

Does this mean that someone who just started working out can’t do them? No. I think if you’re new to the fitness scene but want to get in shape and make a lifestyle change, this is the perfect program. Beverley also includes modifications to make things easier, and in fact, encourages you to just try your best – regardless of weight or reps. The fact that you showed up is more than most can say!

Q3: Do you work out every day for 30 days?

A3: No. There are 22 workouts with off days spread throughout. Beverley makes this program realistic and easy to maintain.

Did I do all 22 workouts? No. I missed a handful while I was in Miami or boxing. However, I made up for half of them by doubling down or using my off days as a day to catch up.

Q4: How do you stay committed?

A4: The Facebook support group is incredible! Whether you’ve posted that you kicked butt, missed the work out, set a record, or even had a slower day and did less reps, the group was incredible motivating and encouraging. We all shared our trips, tricks, and even suggested modifications for anyone that was about to complete that day’s work out. Not to mention, Beverley keeps her eyes out for tags and posts, and chimes in with encouragement!

Are some days difficult to get to the gym after seeing what Beverley has in store? Yes. 100% yes. However, all you need to do is check out what the group is posting and your competitive nature kicks in ha ha.

Q5: What are your likes and dislikes?



I enjoy Beverley’s voice-over videos of each work out in addition to simply seeing it written out. She demonstrates each exercise and provides tips on how to properly execute them to avoid injury!

There’s variety in her exercises, well thought out, challenging, and fun.


My only dislike is that I’m more of an app lover. I tend to find myself drawn towards programs that are easily accessible on my phone like Kayla Itsines SWEAT app.

Q6: Do you see results in 30 days?

A6: 100%. This program was designed to increase your strength and help you tone. Whether you see a difference in weight, size, definition, or even your energy, you’re not coming out of this without something changing for the better.

I came into this program after an intestinal infection (I was fairly bloated). I managed to shake that off quicker than I would having not started the program. That said, I found my abdominal muscle definition change, my legs more defined, and I’m now able to do push ups without dropping to my knees – that’s huge for me!

Q7: Why should I choose this program?

A7: If you want results, awesome fitness community, and looking for a lifestyle change…don’t look anywhere else. Beverley has clearly poured her heart, soul, and wealth of knowledge into this program. With a sea of fitness experts out there, I find Beverley to be incredible genuine and likeable. It makes it difficult not to fall in love with the program. Like I said, I’m not one to follow programs but she has me hooked!. I was seeing results after the first week and didn’t want to stop.

I don’t know if it's because you're part of a program/challenge that your competitive side kicks into overdrive, or if it’s that you’re following a program created by someone who is genuinely invested and believes in what she’s created, but I’ve never been so pumped to workout (okay, other than when I go boxing). I was improving in different areas each week, I was kicking butt in the push-up department, and I was trying different exercises that made me change how I view weights. Whether or not I was on the ground sweating, I was seeing improvements. I know some people need to be dripping with sweat to say they got a good workout, but I was seeing improvements and that's all that mattered to me. So, if you're looking to change your lifestyle and find a passion for fitness, this is the program you need to follow.

Thank you, Beverly, for a wicked program! Click here if you want to learn more about #30DaysToFit.

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