Must-Have Beauty Products.

Everyone has their one or two products they can’t live without. While I have a couple OG’s in my repertoire of beauty products, I’m constantly discovering new things and changing my starting lineup. I feel bad putting them off to the side as I venture out and try new things, but listening to what my skin and body needs is key, and, the evolution of beauty products is constant – hello makeup that reduces fine lines and wrinkles….gimme, gimme!

If you recall, I mentioned before that my Grandmother was the first to encourage me to take care of my skin from a very young age. I was committed to buying all the things, priced low or high, as long as I was slathering my body in lotion and achieving whatever look was hot at the time, I was good to go. However, after going through makeup school, I paid close attention to what products were worth investing and which were merely about owning the damn thing – aka, not any better than drugstore brands. The price point no longer screamed quality, it was about the ingredients or how I reacted to it.

Whether it’s cosmetic, a gadget, or even a supplement, I have a handful of things I highly recommend. I base these on their quality, my experience, and also its effectiveness . My counter isn’t just loaded with the latest and greatest, I’m selective, and tend to go the less is more route. So, what do I have in my trusty makeup bag and sitting on my shelves? Below are the list of items I simply cannot and will not live without:

  1. Maybelline Age Rewind: My concealer/brightener, this baby has been with me for over eight years (I think eight – meh, a long time anyway!).It's an amazing brightener, better than YSL in my opinion, and under $15!

  2. Laura Mercier Longwear Foundation + Concealer: a new addition to the family, this medium-full coverage line is lightweight and requires the smallest amount of product to achieve the most incredible coverage while keeping your skin looking bright. Pat the product in, light dusting of Laura Mercier Translucent powder and voila – no creasing with this baby.

  3. Radford Pearl Foundation Stick: look no further for the perfect highlight. Actually, just stop right now and go purchase it. If you hate it, message me, but I doubt you will - I'm that confident!

  4. Lattissse: feathery brows and long lash dreams can come true. Add this to your nightly routine, stay consistent, and hello longer lashes. But what about the brows? Swipe whatever product is left on each brush on your brows and watch those babies grow! A big thank you to my babes at BeautyBar in Yorkville for this recommendation (also – they have the best hydrafacials, highly suggest you pay them a visit).

  5. Kaia Naturals: The Takesumi Detox Overnight Dry Shampoo is life changing. Beauty sleep is essential so this dry shampoo works overnight to give you clean and voluminous hair when you wake! While it does work as a quick fix, it's nice to know there's a product on your side that doesn't requite much of your time to help you look put together!

  6. L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Original Waterproof Mascara: Pump up your lashes without the clumps. I’ve tried dozens and dozens of mascara’s, and I can honestly say this one is the best. Not only can you build with this one, you get length and create beautiful and full lashes!

  7. Shelby Naturals: I wrote an entire post about this magical human and her creations. The body oil is a game changer. Click here to read all about it.

  8. Benefit Cosmetics: Precisely My Brow is the most magical of all my beauty products. A good (great) brow really changes the face! If I'm running late, I at least want my brows to be perfect. Out of any pencil, shadow, etc. that I've used, this one wins!

  9. Shu Uemra Eyelash Curler: If you’re only to only wear mascara and blush, this little gadget will pump up those lashes to new heights!

  10. Jade Roller: I will say this again and again and again, roll it out every single morning. Not only is it therapeutic but it also helps with lymphatic drainage, decrease puffiness, and provides a spa-like soothing experience. Tip: keep it in the freezer and only roll upward and outward.

  11. Nars Deep Throat: while most say Orgasm is best, I tend to favour their deep throat blush the best (I know, the names are brilliant). It’s the perfect color on any skin tone. Another tip: blush placement is key! Above the cheek bones and out!

We all have our favourite products, we know what works best with our skin and bodies, but sometimes there are products out there that I want to force EVERYONE to use! My love for all of these products is strong, and in fact, I used most at a recent wedding – I mean, I wish I could have added Vital Protein to everyones mimosa as well. While it's not on the list, I find Vital Protein to be the best for healthier hair, nails, and skin (my beauty trick).

If you’re looking for a new product, thinking of making a change, don’t just research “Best …X…”, take the time to read honest reviews, find samples if you can, and trust what works for you and focus less on what’s trending!



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